Signing Up for Drover and Creating Your First Group

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Want to give Drover a try? Follow these steps to create your account and first group.

Create Your Account

screenshot of create user screen

  1. From select the "Signup" link at the bottom.
  2. Once you're on the signup page, input your information as follows.
  • The email address will be your displayed username
  • Your password must be at least 8 characters, not be all numerals, be sufficiently different from your user name, and not match a list of common online passwords.
  • The phone number is the one you'd like to use to receive text messages from your groups.
  • Note the phone format, using + and without any spaces, hyphens, or periods.
  1. Click signup. You're all done!

Creating A Group

screenshot of create group page

  1. After you've created your account, you'll be sent to your Dashboard. You'll see all of your groups here, plus have the ability to create a new group if you want. Click on that to create your group.
  2. The window you see will have the following fields:
  • Enter Group Name is for a descriptive name of your group
  • Enter Group Description should be for any pertinent info you wish your group to have access to.
  • Enter Venue and Enter Event Date are there for the start of your event/trip. ** Note that when you go to add the event date, the calendar and clock icons will let you toggle between entry methods.
  1. Click "Create Group" and you're really ready to customize your group!

Editing Your Group & Adding Schedule Events

  1. If at any time you would like to edit your group, you can click the Edit option for the group on your dashboard or Edit Group from the group's home page or menu.
  2. To add a schedule event to your group, use the Add Schedule button.
screenshot of add schedule event page

  • The Schedule Name should be relatively descriptive
  • When inputting Schedule Date, you can use the calendar and clock icons to toggle between the two inputs. Simple click outside of the popup box to finish.
  • Venue Name is simply a descriptive, such as the name of a restaurant, park, or hotel.
  • Venue Address is for the actual address. Drove is linked to Open Street Maps by default, and will autofill any matching address it finds in that database.
  • Map Link can be used if you'd like to input a link to another map service (such as Google or Apple Maps, or a specific directions page on a venue website).
  • Any other notes/instructions is a place for ino such as specific rooms to go to in the venue, dress code, or whatever else you need people to know about the schedule event.
  • When you're done, click Add Schedule
  • Be sure when you've completed adding or editing your schedule events, you click the Save Changes button.

Adding Members to Your Group

Screenshot of user dashboard

  1. You did it! You've got your group all set, now you need to add everyone.
  2. Option one is to send the Invite link from your group details page or dashboard to people.
  3. Option 2 is to email someone an invite link directly using the Add Members link on your Dashboard. If they don't already have a Drover account, they'll be taken to the page to create one, otherwise they'll be automatically added.

Admins and Managing Members

  • When you click on a group member, you're given the option to Give Admin Access. This lets the person message the entire group, receive messages sent to organizers, and add/remove group members.
  • You also have the option to remove a member from your group here.