Gift ideas for the couple who had their wedding plans screwed up by COVID


Like everything else, weddings have taken an odd turn in the last few months. Planning a wedding at any time is incredibly stressful, and the current uncertainty makes it even harder to deal with. Even as things slowly start to open, many couples are having to change their plans. No matter if a couple decided to postpone, minimize, or even cancel entirely and just go to city hall it’s a good time to show them a little extra love. That’s why we put together some ideas for quarantine-appropriate gifts that are appropriate for both wishing the newlyweds well or just to say, “Thinking of you.”

Bring the Honeymoon to Them

You need to know the couple pretty well to pull this one off -- some people might still be too upset if plans were cancelled. But if you think they’re the type, a great way to celebrate is to bring a little bit of the culture of their honeymoon destination right to their doorstep. Planning a Mexican getaway? Send everything they need for gourmet margaritas. If a romantic week in Paris was more their thing, why not get them set up with a specialty baguette pan so they can still enjoy the smell of freshly-baked French bread.

Games for Two

Even couples who love to host game night might only have a limited number of options that are good for two players. A quick search for two-player board games will come up with plenty of great options, so don’t be afraid to try something a little different. Also be sure to look for games that are said to have good replay value -- this means that there’s enough variation that it’s interesting to play over and over.

Wine (Maybe even a subscription!)

Let’s be honest, a nice drink has been a source of comfort for a lot of us recently, and there’s a ton of great wine subscription services out there. If a couple likes trying new wines, these shipped packages can be a great alternative to time spent perusing the shelves at their local wine store. Here at Drover HQ we’re fond of Grape Intentions, which gives you the chance to select one of 14 different charities to donate to for every shipment of wine received.

Get a Gift Certificate to their Favorite Restaurant

What better way to show a couple that you’re thinking of them than to help support their go-to hangout right now? Like everyone else, they probably have a special local bar or restaurant they’re hoping makes it through the shutdown along with all the other stress right now. A gift certificate can help remind them that this too, shall pass, and they’ll be back at their favorite table soon enough.

Help Them De-stress

Admittedly this is a broad category, but this can be anything from hobby supplies to soothing bath products. The important thing is to give a couple a chance to relax and recharge. With spas closed, supplies to help with acupressure or massage might be especially helpful, or maybe a gift basket with calming teas. If you think the couple might be so inclined, art kits (maybe even a paint by numbers set) can also provide some good stress relief. Use some imagination!

A New Picnic Set

If they have a backyard, or even a large enough balcony, a nice picnic set can help them enjoy being outside. As lockdown restrictions change, they can pack it up and use it other places, as well. There are several types out there, so think how they couple might use it before buying. Ultimately, are they the type who would prefer sitting out at a summer concert by the symphony or after a morning spent hiking in a state park? Large, traditional baskets can be a little cumbersome, but there are also great backpack options.

Spoil Their Little One

If a couple already has children around, you’re welcome to get something they can all use together, but we really mean the other type of little one. Pets have become a major source of joy and entertainment for their owners during lockdown, so if you know the couple dotes on their dog or coddles their cat, some treats or toys are a great way to amuse the entire family.

Pay For Their Streaming Subscription

Even the most motivated individuals are probably spending more time watching TV these days. A simple and thoughtful gift for any couple would be to remove one more item from their list of recurring monthly payments and take care of the Netflix, Hulu, or other subscription for the year. If that seems a bit boring to you, why not check out one of the more niche services that are popping up? We could all use new ways to pass the time right now.