Drover is Now in Beta

Drover Logo Beta

You can now give Drover a try for yourself! Find out what a beta test means and how to give it a try here.

Woo-hoo! We're in beta! Beta tests are known for being kind of junk, but for the people building software they're a vital source of information and feedback. If you've ever taken a few tries to get a recipe just right you know how important the process of trial and error can be. It's no different for something like an app.

Which brings me to an important point. The fact that you're currently on www.droverapp.com might give you some idea that ultimately the goal is to have apps available for phones, etc. But that's a complicated, expensive process. For right now Drover is a web app, available through any browser you choose. Instead of push notifications, you receive text messages.

Want to try it for yourself?

The easiest way to see what Drover is like is to check out our demo group, where you can get a sense of what it's like to be a group member.

To try it out, use this invitation link to create a new user account and join the group. After that you can see what the schedule looks like and try out the messaging feature. To leave the group, send a message with "Remove" in the body to the group admins.

Want to organize your own group?

Great! Simply select "Create New Group" and you're on your way! If you'd like a bit of a demo first, please schedule a time with us.

Share your thoughts!

We know you have opinions, and we'd love to hear them! You can answer a few questions, or if you have more in-depth opinions, please feel free to email us!